The Frontier building is a modern space for private offices, events, and drop in meetings. It is the flagship building for Park Center, a fundamental development in The Research Triangle Park. There is a constant flow of people, as it serves to be an open place for gatherings and collaboration.

Hines Property Management contacted EDS to reseal the entire building. Not only would this improvement prevent any water damage to the building, but it will also increase the energy efficiency of the building. All joints, including expansion joints, window perimeter, and wet seal, were replaced with new silicone sealant.

Multiple obstacles were taken into consideration when completing this project. Boom lifts, ranging from 65 feet to 135 feet, were utilized to access the façade while navigating the landscape surrounding the building. The three month project was completed during the winter, resulting in diligent temperature monitoring by the operations department.

EDS efficiently completed the installation of new sealant at The Frontier without customer complaints or safety violations. The partnership with Hines Property Management allowed this to be another successful EDS project!