Founded in 1894, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is a global independent safety science company with expertise in innovating safety solutions from the public. The North Carolina branch, located in the Research Triangle Park, is one of 159 locations throughout the world.

The Underwriters Laboratory’s facility manager called EDS due to a lack of energy efficiency throughout her building. The building’s sealant failure was also causing minor leaks as well.

During the four-month long project at UL, EDS caulked every joint on the building, including Metal-to-Precast, Precast-to-Precast, and Metal-to-Glass joints. Over 13 miles of Silicone Sealant was used to waterproof the building.

By using Swing Stages utilized by parapet clamps, the production time was increased significantly. This allowed EDS crews to complete the project on time without any delays.

The Underwriters Laboratory building is now completed sealed, allowing ample energy efficiency and ceased water intrusions. With constant updates provided to the facility manager, EDS was able to safely complete the project without any tenant complaints or interruption.

“It was evident throughout the entire four-month project that EDS was strongly committed to safety. The building remained occupied and EDS undoubtedly took all the proper measurements to ensure my tenants and their employees were safe.”

Sherry O’Neal, UL, LLC