Legacy Tower, also known as the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Building, is a fourteen-story building in Durham, North Carolina. This high rise tower, built in 1965, has a concrete exposed structure encasing the commercial office space.

Due to the building’s age and weathering through the years, there were many places on the building’s exterior façade that needed to be repaired. Green Fire Development, the property management firm for Legacy Tower, contacted EDS for a solution to their problem.

Working with a limited budget, EDS professionals identified the more severe failures and repaired the areas, in accordance with industry standards. The repairs included concrete spall repairs, supplementing deteriorated reinforced steel and installing toping repair mortar to match the existing texture and color. EDS used swing stages with counter weights to access the repair areas.

EDS completed this project within six weeks while continuously updating the client on production and scheduling concerns, limiting disruptions to the tenants. All safety, scheduling, and budget requirements were met and the client was thrilled with the outcome.

“EDS did a great job throughout the entire project at Legacy Towers. I was frequently updated on where the crew would be setting up the scaffolding during the week, which was helpful in relaying information to the tenants.”

Macon Perry, Facilities Manager