The Durham Centre is a fifteen-story building in Durham, North Carolina, rising high above the downtown skyline. The unique architectural design offers almost 200,000 square feet of Class A office space and a modern visual statement.

Property management chose EDS to perform a resealing project of the entire building. The professional EDS team re-caulked all existing sealant at granite-to-granite and metal-to-granite joints. Grinding was also performed in order to protect the polished granite from surface damage. With over 20 swing stage moves, this project required high attention from the operations team, but was executed according to plan.

The Durham Center management made the decision to upgrade the sealant material to Silicone, a product with a 20 year guarantee. This upgrade has safely secured the longevity of this project – a price that will pay for itself for years to come in terms of energy efficiency and leak repairs.