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Exterior Diagnostic Services (EDS) is a waterproofing and exterior building restoration company serving the southeast region of the US. The company was formed as a result of the strategic alliance of a network of professionals within the exterior building maintenance industry.Read more

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Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing

Building owners continue to battle the elements when maintaining their assets. Inevitably, minor problems will start to surface after a building has been in service for many years. Water penetration and intrusion are especially troublesome. Water intrusion is a major problem when considering the effect it has on tenant dissatisfaction, damage to interior finishes, and mold development. Read more

Parking Deck

Parking Deck Restoration

Preventative maintenance, that is protecting your investment by preventing problems before they occur, is the most sensible maintenance approach to structures. Parking structures, regardless of age and type of construction, require a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Read more

Exterior Building

Exterior Building Restoration

A building's exterior will provide architectural character, and it will also protect it from the elements. The typical exterior wall components should theoretically last 20 years. Unfortunately, due to material product failures and installation defects, many building facades require renovations much sooner. Read more

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