Waterproofing Repairs for Military College of South Carolina

Bond Hall is the main academic and administrative building for the Military College of South Carolina, commonly referred to as The Citadel. The building was completed in 1939 and sits on a 300 acre tract of land on the Ashley River just northwest of downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

The facility, which had a history of leaking, was experiencing significant and on-going deterioration to the stucco façade and joint seals. EDS professionals were called in to repair the building envelope. EDS crews always take care to protect the safety of tenants, visitors and pedestrians in and around the properties that we service. Crews systematically worked their way around, using proper signage and extra spotters to ensure the safety of the students. EDS met and exceeded all state and federal mandates for personal protection and any ADA concerns throughout the project.

The sealing and waterproofing work was completed under budget and well inside the scheduled time frame. EDS soundly waterproofed and restored this noble facility, ensuring its integrity and reducing energy consumption well into the future.

“EDS did an outstanding job of performing the work and equally important, coordinating with building occupants. There were no complaints throughout the project which was amazing in itself.”

John E Gardner, Resident Architect