Trinity Partners Building Reseal

The four-story building located off Wycliff Road in Raleigh, North Carolina offers great commercial office space to the Triangle area. The building provides over 190,000 square feet of space.

Constructed in 1970, the building suffered from deferred maintenance over the years. Organic growth and atmospheric staining was noticeable, combined with multiple leaks throughout the structure. Trinity Partners contracted EDS to replace the caulk joints, specifically the pre-cast walls. Concrete spall repairs were also performed at random areas throughout, as needed.

After an EDS mock-up proved worthy, Trinity Partners also moved forward with restoring 40 years of build-up on the entire façade. This gave the building a pristine, like-new appearance to coincide with the improved functionality of the building.

Trinity Partners and its client were all pleased with the work performed by EDS, especially without interruption to daily business.

“EDS worked with me on behalf of my client to reposition a building that had deferred maintenance. The client continues to marvel about the improvement to her asset.”

Eve Pilkington, Director / Property Manager