Roof and Window Replacement

Wright Auditorium is located at the heart of East Carolina University’s campus. Built in 1925, the building has undergone multiple renovations and additions, including a new roof in 1982.

In the fall of 2013, EDS worked with Stafford Engineers in the removal and replacement of the EPDM roof system, including membrane, metal flashings, insulations, scuppers, metal coping and counter-flashing. EDS also removed the window assemblies and installed new steel framing, masonry infill, insulated glass curtain wall assembly, and sealed all related components into the system. Through-wall flashing with receiver, counter-flashing, expansion joint cover, and new masonry was also completed at Wright Auditorium.

The project took a total of 6 months to complete. During the construction, EDS was particular to maintaining a clean and safe work area. Barriers and blockades were set up to detour pedestrian traffic away from the construction. Both Stafford Engineers and East Carolina University were pleased with the final product of this project.