PNC Arena Reseal

The PNC Arena, located just outside of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, is host to big-ticket shows and major sporting events. With the large crowds that are routinely drawn to the Center’s events, it is imperative that the structure’s functionality and waterproofing integrity are maintained.

The Arena’s curtain wall system was showing signs of faulty installation, while the precast expansion joints were deteriorating and in need of resealing.

An engineering firm, specializing in curtain wall systems and exterior facades, confirmed the water diversion system was missing original key components, which is critical to the curtain wall system’s performance. EDS investigated the building thoroughly and through a competitive bid process, was awarded the project.

The project required to have all construction related items off site and out of mind, hours before any scheduled event, big or small. The project was completed ahead of schedule, under budget through our creative “Means & Methods” approach to the project, and with limited to no disruptions.

“I would recommend that any client faced with a water intrusion or potential water intrusion issue contact EDS and allow them to provide their insights on how to fix the problem or work with your designer to identify the most cost effective repair.”

William E. Seyler, Sr. Project Manager