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Parking Deck Restoration

Parking Deck Restoration – Coating Systems, Concrete Repair, Expansion Joint Systems

Preventative maintenance, or protecting your investment by preventing problems before they occur, is the most sensible maintenance approach to structures. Parking structures, regardless of age and type of construction, require a comprehensive preventative maintenance program.

Parking garage structures will encounter problems caused by exposure to de-icing salts, weathering, substandard or improper material, poor workmanship, structural movement, and physical stress.

A well-planned maintenance program includes a walk-through survey , during which a visual inspection of the entire garage is performed. The survey will look for surface deterioration at the top and bottom surfaces of floors; cracks in floors, beams, columns or walls; evidence of water leakage or staining through or on floors, walls or other structural elements; and rusting of exposed steel.

Every two years, parking garages should be inspected by an expert in parking structure design and restoration to identify any potentially serious conditions.

Preventative Maintenance

A well managed preventative program should include:

  • Flushing/washing of all floor surfaces
  • Sealing of all cracks
  • Repair or reapplication of membrane coatings
  • Reapplication of floor sealants
  • Reapplication of caulking compounds


There are a number of techniques available for repairing concrete parking garages. Our team of experts will design the approach that is best for your structure, taking into consideration the extent and severity of the damage, the structural system of the garage, conditions to which the garage is exposed, and time and budget constraints.