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Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing – Leak Detection and Repair, Window Sealant Installation, Structural Sealants, Waterproof Coatings, Water Repellents, Through Wall Flashing and Vapor Barriers

Building owners continue to battle the elements when maintaining their assets. Inevitably, minor problems will start to surface after a building has been in service for many years. Water penetration and intrusion are especially troublesome. Water intrusion is a major problem when considering the effect it has on tenant dissatisfaction, damage to interior finishes, and mold development.

EDS is readily available to offer building owners and managers commercial waterproofing solutions delivered professionally, on time, and within budget.

Our team of experts has over 20 years of experience in the areas of:

Leak Detection and Repair

Our expertise on leak detection will help to prevent future financial expenditures resulting from poorly executed repairs or “easy fixes”. We focus on one aspect of your building, the building envelope, to ensure that the job is done right.

Structural Sealants

Sealant selection and application is paramount to proper performance. There are many considerations in selecting the proper sealant including sealant type and color. The desired result should be a sealant system that is watertight, insulating, resistant to the effects of air pressure, and cost-effective.

Through-Wall Flashing and Vapor Barriers

Through-wall flashing problems are commonly misinterpreted as roof or window leaks. With further investigation, flashing system inadequacies can be assessed. Flashing system problems are commonly indicated by interior finish damage, brick spalling, wall staining, mold development, corrosion/lintel failure, sealant failure, residue rundown (leaching), and/or the omission of weep outlets.

Humidity is another problem associated with water intrusion, as it may exacerbate the spread of toxic fungi or mold. The presence of mold may pose a health risk to the tenants. In order to manage humidity, it is extremely important that vapor barriers are properly placed during construction or renovation. Proper repairs of your building’s infrastructure will ensure that water damage and moisture buildup do not recur.