Historical Appendix

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Property Managers/Facility Managers/Building Owners

Budgetary Concerns

EDS is in tune with the budgetary restraints of most property and facility managers. We understand that building owners demand that their property be managed well and within budget. They also expect waterproofing projects or parking deck restoration must be released for bid to reputable and qualified contractors. EDS can meet with property management to create a project-specific bid document. We understand that keeping qualified bidders to the same spec is very important. This action will help curb the inevitable change orders as the project progresses.

Managing Tenant Perception

EDS teams with the property management ensuring all tenant-specific details are identified and resolved prior to beginning the project. Some of these details might include noise level, building aesthetics, and inconveniences to the tenants. While we perform the exterior construction repairs, EDS assures minimal disruption, which is a prime reason why property managers contract EDS for time-sensitive and tenant-sensitive projects.


EDS works at every level to maintain a safe work environment for the protection of our employees, the public, and to help reduce the liability potential for our clients. We employ a full-time Safety Director whose sole involvement in the project is to ensure safety regulation compliance. Some firms in the industry may tend to delegate the project safety role to the operations manager, which certainly helps their bottom line. Research has proven, however, that when the job is behind, the manager who has adopted the safety officer role is now also under pressure to meet project and budgetary deadlines and will have a tendency to turn a blind eye on a few minor safety violations. This is a slippery slope that can lead to non-compliance and increased susceptibility to a job site accident.

EDS has served the following Property Management/Facility Management/Building Ownership firms:

  • Advantis GVA
  • Capital Associates
  • CB Richard Ellis
  • Grubb Properties
  • Grubb & Ellis/Thomas Linderman
  • Lichtin Corporation
  • SAS Institute
  • TriProperties
  • W.J. Vakos
  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • IBM
  • Red Hat Corporation