Historical Appendix

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Exterior Diagnostic Services (EDS) is a waterproofing and exterior building restoration company that was formed as a result of the strategic alliance of a network of professionals within the exterior building maintenance industry.

The EDS Mission is to enable property owners to overcome the waterproofing and exterior maintenance challenges they will all inevitably face; we work to protect and enhance your property investment. EDS performs the following specialty services on commercial, institutional, and industrial structures throughout the southeast.

Our Services:

  • Water Intrusion Detection and Waterproofing
  • Flashing and Moisture Barrier Installation
  • Expansion Joint Installation and Repair
  • Window Sealant Reconstruction
  • Brick, Concrete, and EIFS Repair
  • Precast Façade Installation and Repair
  • Parking Deck Restoration and Sealing
  • Wet Sealing, Caulking, and Building Coatings

Our services are performed by licensed and highly-qualified EDS technicians who are trained to provide you with the best service using cutting-edge techniques and technology. We are committed to safety. We host mandatory classroom-based safety meetings every month, and weekly “tool box” safety meetings. We perform daily reviews to maintain a proper system of checks and balances. All of these efforts combine to keep all employees safe and keep our client liability to a minimum.

EDS is committed to building lasting and beneficial business relationships with all clients by consistently providing them with solutions, service, and satisfactory results. This commitment makes EDS the premier provider of quality waterproofing and exterior building maintenance services.