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How Custom Elevator Interior Design Can Improve Your Building

People entering a multi-level building typically look for the closest elevator to them to get to their destination. Whether in a commercial building or a residential space, people notice elevators for their interior design, cleanliness, and functionality. 

Everyone has their own “memorable in all the wrong ways” elevator experience, whether it be a slow-running lift or a dirty interior. People notice the conditions of an elevator, in turn shaping their perception of the owners and their commitment to the building and those visiting it. 

An elevator is one of the most used features in a building, other than restrooms- another space judged by its design, cleanliness and function. 

Why Should I do a Custom Elevator Design?

When designing the cab interiors of elevators, building owners should consider the various customizable features and materials available. Custom elevator interiors can include repair, custom fabrication, and new construction. 

Each of these designs offer distinct advantages, and depend upon what option is best for your building and your budget. Prefabricated systems require less cost and elevator downtime, but offer fewer customizable materials and options. Interior decorating often includes customizable engraving services that can really make your elevator shine.

When is Elevator Interior Design or Remodeling Needed?

When prospective tenants, associates, or workers notice that your building’s elevators appear dingy, vandalized, cracked, or worn out, their appearance will leave an undeniable impression on how people conceptualize your building. Elevators set a visual tone of comfort. Just as a decorative window displays the quality of the products available at a store, a newly remodeled elevator showcases your building’s quality and mindfulness for aesthetics and functionality. 

What Services are Available for Custom Elevator Interior Design?

When deciding to partner with a professional elevator cab service provider, you will work with experts who will help design your elevator’s interior. There are many services available for you to choose from, each of which offers an opportunity to transform your elevator cab.

  • New Design: Update old electrical wiring, adhere to municipal building codes, and revamp your elevator cab’s interior. Choose from high-end materials to work with, including metal, glass, plastics, or stone. Consider art or media designs and create a calm and welcoming environment for your building.
  • Renovations: Change out dented wall panels, replace lighting and ceiling panels, and upgrade control paneling. A range of cosmetic changes will make your elevator more user-friendly and attractive.
  • Fabrication: Building owners should consider whether their elevator cabs would benefit the most from custom fabrication or pre-engineered designs. The installation process for elevator interiors depends upon what materials and options you choose. 
  • Custom Engraving: Make your elevator stand out with an engraving service for the lift’s interior walls, doors, floors, call plates, card readers, and floor indicators. There are a variety of options to choose from to give your elevators a distinctive flair!

While a functional elevator is important, consider that design choices should match the style of your building’s tenants and visitors. For example, a high-foot-traffic commercial building benefits from having an elevator display with local advertisements. Or perhaps a quiet residential building in the suburbs would benefit from a more straightforward but welcoming design that could be easier to maintain. 

Give your Elevator a Lift with The Valcourt Group

Building owners looking for help in remodeling or maintaining their elevator cabs turn to the industry experts, and there’s no company more experienced and qualified than The Valcourt Group. Valcourt specializes in providing a range of building services to property owners with office buildings, high-rises, parking garages, stadiums, hospitals, and apartment complexes. Valcourt offers their customers dedicated solutions. With over thirty-five years of industry experience, Valcourt can help bring your elevator’s interior designs to the next level. Contact The EDS Group today!

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Elevator Cab Interior Upgrades: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Costs

Elevators are an essential part of any building. Elevator interior cab upgrades can change the entire feel of your structure. With an upgraded finish, a client will feel a sense of security and comfort from the moment they walk in.

Avoid costly mistakes by hiring a professional specializing in elevator cab interior upgrades. Keeping these changes within a client’s budget is crucial, from functionality to aesthetics. Many upgrades can be expensive; however, it is possible to update without surpassing the budget. Below are five ways to reduce costs when upgrading your elevator.

1. Know Your Budget and Its Limits for All Elevator Cab Interior Upgrades

Knowing the budget for your custom elevator interior is vital. Set a maximum limit and communicate it to your contractor. Knowing the budget and limitations will allow contractors to decipher which materials and finishes to use on the project. Contractors will provide an itemized estimate of what upgrades will cost. In turn, individuals have the freedom to decide what and what not to invest in at the time.

2. Take Core Considerations of What Type of Elevator Cab Finish Is Best

It is essential to know what type of finishing is needed for practicality and aesthetics. Carefully considered upgrades will help achieve the overall goal of the project. Consider several elevator cab interior upgrades, such as steel, wood, and laminated steel. No matter which refinishing option building owners and managers select, they must always take safety seriously. The finish must be durable, safe, and meet weight requirements and limits.

For example, failure to consider all considerations, such as weight and balance changes, may result in extensive and unplanned elevator service calls, which quickly add to TCO. According to, “These may cost more than $300/hour. However, service calls can run even higher for emergency or after-hours calls.”

3. Avoid Unnecessary Disruption to Guests With Off-Site Cab Panel Fabrication

Construction comes with its inconveniences. A downfall of elevator cab interior upgrades is the disruption of clients and guests in the building. However, it is possible to avoid some of this by choosing an off-site cab panel fabrication. Designing and manufacturing these panels off-site creates a minimal construction zone and is more cost-effective.  

4. Let the Experts Handle the Work of Removing Old Panels and Installing New Materials

Shortcuts are never worth the risk. Avoid costly mistakes by letting the expert do the work. Professionals will ensure that the custom elevator design provides convenience, security and improves overall aesthetics. Leave the elevator cab interior upgrades to the pros. 

5. Remember That Less Is More

Keep it simple. Frequently it is easy to get caught up in the design process. But keep in mind that too many textures, lights, and colors can be overwhelming for visitors and consume your budget. A minimalist approach is an easy way to reduce and control overall control costs of elevator cab interior upgrades. Always remember that less is more.

Lift Your Elevator Cab Interior Upgrades With The JOBS Group

Although many elevator cab interior upgrades might be costly, there are ways to upgrade without going over budget. Controlling costs while upgrading can be challenging, but professional insight and expertise makes it more accessible. Know your budget, consider all types of finishes when choosing upgrades, and let experts take the reigns. Reduce the cost of your project by hiring an expert that specializes in elevator cab interior upgrades. Contact The EDSWaterproofing Group today for a consultation.  


Elevator Cab Finishes: Core Considerations When Choosing New Materials

The demand for office space is growing at an exponential rate. According to, in September 2021, “New demand for office space is up 235 percent year-over-year, reflecting a strong recovery from last summer.” Finding ways to stand out from the crowd will also help your building maintain lower vacancy rates. Yet, the elevators may still be an afterthought. Ironically, prioritizing elevator design can help set your building apart from the competition with new elevator cab finishes when attracting new tenants. 

An elevator is one of your guests’ first impressions when entering your building and should match the property’s overall aesthetics. An elevator cab redesign will enhance the general atmosphere of your building while it increases building value

The Most Common Elevator Cab Finishes

There are several to choose from when it comes to elevator cab finishes. Depending on the aesthetic a building owner desires will determine which specific finishes to go with for your elevator design. Below are some standard finishes:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Flexible Wall Protection/Coverings
  • Wood or Faux Wood Paneling
  • Custom Elevator Cab Finishes

How Easy Will It Be to Clean the Finish?

Help your managers and janitorial team out by choosing a product that will be easy to maintain and keep clean. For example, elevator cab walls should not be a finish that shows finger smudges and stains. Invest in quality materials for more efficient maintenance and cleaning.

Can the Finish Resist Scuffs, Tears, or Other Wear and Tear?

Elevator cab finishes must be able to withstand everyday wear and tear. The finishes should not discolor or show scratches. Elevator cab wall protection pads are often used to protect the walls from wear and will extend the life of the elevator interior. 

Will the Finish Affect the Weight and Balance of the Elevator?

When undergoing a remodel or a new design, whatever weight goes out MUST come back in. When choosing new materials, the elevator must be rebalanced. This should be taken into consideration when replacing elevator floors and more

How is Long Will Refinishing the Cab Interior Take?

Any renovation takes time and patience. However, construction can cause an inconvenience for guests and visitors. Ensure that the contractor provides a realistic time frame for the elevator cab finishes and adheres to that timeline.  

How Will a Change in Elevator Cab Finishes Affect Other Needs, Like Lighting or Control Panels?

When implementing an elevator design plan, proper lighting will accentuate your elevator cab finishes when implementing an elevator design plan, allowing them to stand out. Often, lights can be too bright or dim, providing an overall feeling of discomfort for passengers. LED lights are the most common lighting in elevators. They offer the perfect amount of light and are extremely energy efficient. 

Control panels should constantly be upgraded or replaced when outdated, damaged, or difficult to read.

Remember the Handrails and Guard Rails

Often an overlooked item, handrails and guardrails are a fundamental part of a custom elevator cab interior. Commercial handrails improve the overall appearance and are also a safety requirement. Due to COVID-19, building managers must upgrade handrails for easier cleaning and sanitization. 

Streamline Your Next Custom Elevator Cab Interior Project With The JOBS Group

When considering items for your elevator cab finishes, there are many aspects to research. Your custom elevator cab interior will not only improve the look but will set you apart from your competition. Work with skilled and experienced contractors who will help you every step. 

The JOBS Group is ready to help from choosing customized lighting considerations to sanitization concerns. Request a consultation with The EDSWaterproofing Group for a custom plan!


The Value of Expert Elevator Cab Renovation and When to Hire an Expert

An elevator may seem like just a minor component of a structure that most people don’t even notice. It is, nevertheless, most likely the most utilized and visible aspect of your system. It is the initial impression visitors have of your business, and they age like all aspects of a business. According to Facilities Management Advisor, “Hydraulic elevators typically have 20 to 25-year lifespans while overhead traction elevators have lifespans of about 30 years. Machine room-less (MRL) traction elevators have the shortest lifespans (10 to 15 years) due to their reliance on computerized controllers and lighter duty materials.”

A well-designed elevator cab renovation changes the entire aesthetic of your building. It creates a more inviting experience and reduces building TCO when renovated correctly. Hiring an expert who knows when items need replacing or upgrades will allow easy customization, custom client budgets, and top-quality materials. Also, professionals will stay compliant with all current laws and regulations, and it’s important to know how they add value to such upgrades. 

Do Your Elevator Cabs Need A Facelift?

Every elevator reaches a point in its life when it is no longer financially or logistically feasible to keep fixing the same components. When considering an elevator cab redesign, there are many aspects to consider. How old is the elevator? Are you frequently calling maintenance for repairs? Are you constantly getting calls and complaints from tenants and passengers? These aspects should be evaluated when deciding on your elevator cab renovation

Benefits of Working With Professionals for Elevator Cab Renovations

Hiring an expert for your elevator cab renovation will provide you with a smooth project and help avoid costly mistakes by ensuring that maintenance is done the first time correctly around, including:

  • Access to quality materials – When designing custom elevator interiors, a quality expert has access to top-of-the-line materials and products. These products will protect your elevator from the wear and tear of everyday use. 
  • Expert design insight and guidance – Experts are well versed in their industry. Their insider knowledge allows them to create a custom-fit elevator cab renovation just for you. Working with industry professionals gives experts access to resources and equipment to reduce delays and deliver a faster renovation.
  • Help with budgeting and finances – An expert will customize every expense to fit your budget. Experts will provide budgeting assistance and guidance throughout the elevator cab renovation process. 
  • Innovative solutions to common problems – Professionals must be equipped to handle all issues. Pulling from experience, they can innovatively tackle problems. 
  • Professional installation and maintenance – Experts will guide you from design installation to preventative care. Following the elevator cab renovation, Experts will provide your staff with support and training.
  • Practical and attractive solutions – Guests will remember a unique and valuable design finish. Acknowledging the needs of your visitors will ensure that all materials will not only be appealing but functional as well. 
  • User-friendly and accessible designs – Recognizing your audience and their needs is crucial in the elevator design process. The style should complement the aesthetics of the building and visitors. 
  • Improved overall facility management options – Appropriate usage of materials will ensure that your management and janitorial staff can maintain the upkeep of the custom elevator interiors. Experts will train your staff on how to care for all materials properly. 

Find Local Experts By Networking With Business Partners

Ask around your networking circle to find a reputable company that you would like to engage. Has the company provided clients with quality work? Are they successful in the local area? Are they equipped to handle the job? Simply networking with fellow business partners can answer these questions and concerns. 

Make the Most of Your Elevator Cab Renovation Project by Contacting The JOBS Group

Poor planning or a lack of expertise will undermine your project’s budget and planned deadlines. That’s why working with an expert like The JOBS Group is mission-critical. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, The JOBS Group has an outstanding reputation for exceptional work and success in the local area and beyond. We are involved in every aspect of your elevator cab renovation, from start to finish. Request a quote from The EDSWaterproofing Group today, and let us give your elevator a lift!

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15 Reasons to Leverage Elevator Cab Redesign Fabricators

Elevators are essential in most public buildings. Maintaining and updating the cab comes with the territory of maintaining company property. A modern elevator cab redesign enhances the aesthetics and value of your building. Like any other area in your building, the elevator design should complement the overall aesthetic of the structure. The elevator cab redesign will improve the entire feel of your building and increase building value

Building managers must approach any elevator cab redesign confidently by tapping into available resources and professional guidance. Elevator cab redesign fabricators are crucial. Professionals will ensure that the elevator cab redesign provides usefulness in terms of utility, convenience, and security and improves aesthetics. Fabricators can also work with clients and align cab refinishing within clients’ budgets.

Importance of Elevator Cab Maintenance and Renovation

It is crucial to understand how the upkeep of maintenance and renovation of the elevator cab and overall system affects the people who use it. Having a comfortable and attractive elevator provides a sense of security and assurance. 

Imagine entering an elevator, and the elevator cab wall is dented and damaged. What feeling would you get? 

Indeed, it would not be a sense of confidence in the overall maintenance of the machine. 

Would you question what was behind the elevator cab wall that was not getting proper attention and care behind the scenes?

Remember that an elevator is a machine, but it is also an experience. To create and maintain a pleasant experience, a modern elevator cab redesign and regular elevator maintenance are non-negotiable. 

Reasons to Leverage Elevator Cab Redesign Fabricators

Elevator cab redesign fabricators are experts in this area and are here to make sure that your visitors and tenants have a pleasant and safe experience in your elevator. Listed below are several key factors to take into consideration.

1. Saves Money on Costly Repairs

A lack of budgeting and maintenance planning is responsible for the bulk of elevator cab problems and maintenance costs. Fabricators can help control costs by providing proactive solutions during elevator cab redesign and renovations. Preventative maintenance plans, including maintaining elevator cab walls, help prevent unexpected repair costs.

2. Ensures Quality Materials Are Utilized

Quality materials seem to be a prominent factor in a modern elevator cab redesign, yet this isn’t always the case with some providers. That’s why it is so important to know who you hire. All products and materials used, from cab doors to elevator cab walls, must be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of your specific cab’s everyday use. 

3. Allows for Easy Customization Designs

Working with an elevator cab redesign fabricator allows you to avoid the headache of custom elevator design challenges. Leave the design to the experienced professionals. They understand how to customize your cab redesign to improve your elevator’s functionality, accessibility, and overall aesthetics. From elevator cab walls to notice boards, let the experts take control. 

4. New Designs for Building Aesthetics and Limitations

Elevator design and aesthetics are essential to the appearance of a commercial building. This includes colors, textures, shapes, and visuals. Making visual changes, such as switching out the elevator cab wall to something more durable and attractive, will improve the look and extend the life of the elevator. When altering any feature during a modern elevator cab redesign, one must always be aware of the limitations. Things like weight restrictions, access points, travel distance, and material durability all play into how big and tall your elevator system can get.

5. Makes Planning Budgets Easier Overall

Creating and maintaining a budget can be exhausting when redesigning an elevator cab. An elevator cab redesign fabricator will ensure custom elevator costs fit your budget, needs and demands for everything from elevator cab walls to light fixtures. 

6. Keeps Overall Business Goals and Limitations in Focus

Hiring an elevator cab redesign fabricator will free you and your employees to focus on business-critical goals without the stress of keeping up with an elevator cab redesign. Reduced elevator downtime means lower lost productivity expenses for tenants. It will also create a solid relationship with your tenants and clients. 

7. Helps Managers Maintain Aesthetics of Cabs

Executing a modern elevator cab design will help your managers and janitorial team maintain aesthetics. Investing in quality materials means less wear and tear over time and more efficient maintenance for your managers. Keeping the elevator’s critical components, such as the elevator cab walls, will extend the life of the machine and all components. Fabricators will help train managers with the best care of the products and provide them with an elevator interior checklist.

8. Provides Insider Access to Professionals

Elevator cab redesign fabricators know the ins and outs of their business. They have access to professionals with the best products, such as a top-of-the-line elevator cab wall material. As a building owner or manager trying to create a modern elevator cab redesign on your own, you may not even realize some of those products exist. Let the experts take the reign and use their insider information to give you the best outcome possible. 

9. Ensure All Safety Codes for Interior Aesthetics Are Met and Maintained

Leave the safety codes and regulations to the elevator cab redesign fabricators. This is their area of expertise. During an elevator cab redesign, they will incorporate all current laws and regulations, such as handrail and guard upgrade and repairs. Maintaining all necessary rules ensures that managers can avoid any violations. Enlisting expert help is key to ensuring a successful cab redesign project. 

Also, Building Design+Construction explains how upgrades such as updating the interiors, of elevators can add value: “Buildings with high-quality elevators that provide maximized uptime result in more satisfied tenants and stress-free building operations. Enhancing elevator efficiencies and innovations will satisfy the demands of building owners, developers, contractors, and commercial property tenants.”

10. Keeps Facility Complaint With ADA Regulations

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlines laws and regulations that buildings must adhere to for people with disabilities. While implementing your modern elevator cab redesign, it is prudent to stay compliant with all current laws and regulations for your building and cab to stay up to code. For example, knowing when it is time to repair commercial railings keeps you in conformity with ADA regulations and also helps prevent future maintenance costs and repairs. 

11. Faster Upgrades and Repairs When Needed

Having access to their team of thoroughly trained and experienced repair and maintenance workers allows experts to make upgrades and repairs swiftly. Enlisting the help and expertise of a professional specializing in elevator design and maintenance will make the entire process smoother, faster, and more affordable. 

12. Easier Cleaning and Sanitation Processes

Upgrading elevator cab walls and flooring will improve the cleaning and sanitation process. The use of more durable products, such as a waterproof floor versus carpet, will make it easier to care for and increase the longevity of the cab interior. Another example is replacing elevator cab walls with stainless steel, which makes the sanitization process more efficient. 

13. On-Call Help When Issues Arise or Panel Damages Occur

Elevator cab redesign fabricators are available to assist with issues and repairs that may occur, such as damage to an elevator cab wall. The best way to guarantee that all modern elevator cab redesigns and improvements remain effective after installation is to enlist expert help and to follow the guidance of local elevator design and installation professionals. 

14. Access to Industry Experts and Local Contractors

An expert will provide you with an elevator interior design to fit your building’s needs. Working with specialists in the industry allows experts to gain access to supplies and equipment that would not otherwise be accessible and at significantly lower costs.

15. Latest Tools and Technologies at Your Disposal

Experts have access to the latest tools and technology, which means you do too. This will allow the professionals to complete your modern cab elevator redesign with cost-efficiency and overall productivity in mind. 

Get the Elevator Cab Design That Fits Your Unique Wants and Needs Today

There are many considerations to finding the right expert for your needs. It’s vital to find a partner with the expertise and experience you need for your company. The JOBS Group is the best partner with years of working with the latest materials, maintaining safe and quality elevator operations, efficient time management, and cost-effective budgets. The JOBS Group will confidently take on your current elevator cab redesign project, so contact the design experts at The EDSWaterproofing Group today for a customized elevator cab redesign!

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Elevator Floors and More: What Is in an Elevator Cab?

Think about walking into a building, getting in an elevator, and seeing dilapidated walls and elevator floors. Are you now questioning the elevator’s functionality and the rest of the building? An elevator cab leaves a lasting impression on visitors. The upkeep, decor, and structure of an elevator’s interior reflect a lot about you as the property’s owner or manager  and the maintenance of the building. How do you want your visitors to feel when inside your building? 

Elevator cab redesign can increase the overall building value. According to a Graphical Research Report, the elevator market size in North America hit USD 2,733 in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 1.2% over the forecast period 2021-2027. Whether you’re updating your elevator floors or installing a new elevator, the interior design of your elevator should reflect the type of passenger experience you want to provide. It is essential to know what parts make up the cab’s interior before making any upgrades or changes. 

Elevator Cab Flooring

While it may seem obvious, elevator cab floors are an important component of your cab. Elevator floors can be made of several different materials and have multiple layout options. Ensuring that your elevator floors are sturdy is crucial for the safety and durability of your cab. They must be able to withstand the high foot traffic of passengers. 

Elevator Cab Wall Panels

Made up of different sections, materials, patterns, and finishes, elevator cab wall panels help to create the look and feel you desire. Several elements, including panels, toe kicks, top band, handrail, and notice boards, make up the walls. Ensure that the wall panels flow well with the aesthetics of the elevator cab floors

Panels are the largest part of the wall, ranging from stainless steel to mirror to laminate materials. A commercial handrail typically separates the panels. Handrails are for passenger assistance but are also used to protect the walls from damage. Using wall protection pads can also extend the life of the walls. 

Toe kicks protect the lower part of the panels and the elevator floors. It also provides ventilation in the cab. Top bands preserve the upper panels of the cab. 

Notice boards are typically used to inform and entertain passengers during their elevator ride. Instead of staring at the elevator floor, passengers can read  the notice boards to stay up to date on the happenings in the building or community. 

Elevator Cab Lighting Fixtures and Chandeliers

Lighting can change the entire aethesticsof an environment. Dull light can create a drab, old feeling, while a well-lit area creates a fresh, clean abiance. Depending on your brand evolution, you will want to match the style and decor of the cab interior and elevator floors. You can obtain a variety of elevator ceilings and light styles such as suspended ceiling, downlight ceiling, floating/island ceiling, pot light ceiling, or perimeter light ceiling. Lighting should always be LED to reduce energy consumption and electricity costs. 

Hall Frame and Door Cladding

You can  alter the entire appearance of an elevator simply by changing the frame and door cladding. Imagine that you’re in a commercial parking garage and see a new, attractive elevator door. You are less likely to feel concerned with upkeep throughout the remainder of the building. Changing and maintaining the cladding creates an affordable and attainable way to enhance the look of your elevators — even if undergoing a parking garage restoration!

Get Help With Full Redesign From Elevator Cab Floors to Walls and the Ceiling With The JOBS Group

Whether you want to redesign your cab, upgrade your elevator cab floors, or build a brand new elevator from scratch, our professionally trained team is here to help. From pinpointing degradation causes and signs to a complete installation of a new elevator, The JOBS Group is here for you. Contact The EDSWaterproofing Group today for a custom fit plan just for you.


How to Create Your Elevator Design Plan

When the time comes to have existing elevator cab systems updated or an entirely new setup installed for a commercial property, it is vital to have a design plan that meets all your needs and expectations. A thoroughly developed and thought-out plan ensures you have a safe, reliable, affordable, and efficient elevator system in operation. The best elevator design plan considers all of the wants and needs of not only employees or residents but also management and the general public. The following five tips can help ensure your elevator design plan suits your specific needs and goals for installations and redesigns. 

1. Don’t Rush Through the Process of Making Your Elevator Design Plan

Taking the time to consider all the details and options at the start of your planning process will save you time and money in the long run as a building owner. Early planning is critical as it allows time to spot overlooked issues and consider all possibilities entirely and accurately as you work out your elevator design plan. A practical and efficient elevator layout and design plan will also keep expenses down as you can more easily avoid unexpected costs, expensive changes, disruptive delays, and other issues that stem from a less-than-stellar design and installation. 

2. Plan Your Elevator Set Up and Cab Design Based on Your Needs

There is no shortage of things to consider when working on an innovative elevator design plan for your commercial building. In addition to what materials you will use and how big the cabs will be, think about the users and the operators. Consider how many people might be using the elevators any given day, what they might be transporting, how many building areas need easy access, and similar points. Load maximums, wait times for available cabs, and overall maintenance and upkeep are all part of preventive maintenance and upkeep needs.

3. Plan and Design Based on Your Building Layout and Traffic Flow

 Elevator design plans must also work within the confines of your building’s physical and architectural limitations. There are many elevator design challenges to keep in mind. Certain areas may be more suited for installing elevators, and others might need to have more cabs than other areas. Consider the number of floors the elevators will need to accommodate, the flow of foot traffic, any internal systems, and design limitations that could impact your elevator system’s size, location, and design of your elevator system. 

4. Remember Aesthetics and Useability of the Design 

Your elevator is often one of the first areas customers experience, so the cab’s interior must be designed and maintained to create a positive first impression. The cab should be designed and presented in a way that positively reflects your business brand. A good elevator design plan will consider everything from the walls and ceiling panels to ADA accessibility and control panel setup. Practicality and attractiveness can go a long way in making your customers and employees feel comfortable when on your property. 

5. Upgrade Your Elevator With Energy-Efficient Lighting

The final upgrade building managers should consider when either redesigning existing elevator systems or planning new elevator design plans in your building is the need for quality lighting. Aside from needing to be bright enough to provide clear visibility for safety and security during use, the elevator lights can also be a surprising source of ongoing expenses. Lights in the cabs are on all the time, and as reported by, using energy-efficient bulbs can save time and money with less upkeep and lower costs overall from the electrical load of all the cab lights.

Master Your  Elevator Plan and Installation Project Today by Choosing the Right Partner

Get the best elevator design plans designed specifically for your unique business needs. Making building management and upkeep easier is possible when you start with the right elevator design and installation services. Working with the pros will ensure everything goes according to plan. Whether you need one or two elevators installed or have a considerable project number in the dozens, the elevator experts are here to help. Contact The EDSWaterProofing Group today to get started.

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5 Critical Elevator Cab Design Considerations to Finding the Right Service Partner

How often does your building management team think about elevator cab design? Most companies tend to view elevators as a one-and-done process or need, but they’re much more vital than many realize. The right elevator cab interior design is just as crucial as the mechanics behind their use. After all, a custom interior can set the standard for how your guests feel while traveling from one office to another. Depending on the size of the building, users may spend 10-15 minutes in an elevator per day (assuming a 3-minute trip and 4-5 trips per day). 

That may not seem possible but consider that employees and building occupants may use the elevator to leave and return for lunch, visit other offices, or leave work for the day. As such, building owners need to rethink their approach to elevator cab design and keep it fresh. Further, according to Building Design + Construction, the typical elevator life expectancy in the U.S. is between 20 and 30 years. However, regular upgrades and maintenance of the interior design are also essential to creating better guest experiences. “Elevators are a prime example [of how simple improvements in building maintenance can impact guest experiences]. Seamless operations are vital to owners, contractors, facility managers, and tenants. Elevator reliability, a smooth ride, and tenant satisfaction are key considerations, as is reducing the total cost of ownership.” Let’s take a deeper look at the top five considerations to take when approaching an elevator cab design or custom elevator interior redesign project. 

1. Material Versatility

When looking for an elevator cab company to work with, it is essential to find a partner that offers a versatile range of materials. This approach will help ensure that the company can create a design that will complement the interior of your elevator cab. Common materials  include wood, stainless steel, copper, or stonework. Also, they should understand and guide how to approach regular maintenance of such materials, such as elevator door and panel refinishing for metal surfaces or sealing stones to prevent staining.

2. Design Capability and Total Cost of Customer Elevator Cab Design

Not all elevator cab companies have the design capabilities to create a truly unique and eye-catching elevator cab interior. It is essential to find one to make sure your elevator cab stands out from the rest. The company should work with a range of suppliers and service companies to create a plan for current and future upgrades. That also includes keeping an eye on the total cost of custom elevator cab design

3. Quality, Durability, and Safety of Elevator Cabs

Another essential factor to consider is elevator cabs’ quality, durability, and safety. The materials used in the construction of elevator cabs must meet or exceed all safety standards set by governing organizations. In addition, the elevator cab company should offer a warranty on their panels or upgrades against premature wear and tear. 

4. Experience in Managing Off-Site Redesign and Panel Fabrication

When selecting an elevator cab design company, it is essential to consider their experience managing off-site cab redesign and panel fabrication. Doing so will minimize the impact on day-to-day operations during elevator upgrades. A company that can handle all aspects of the redesign and fabrication process off-site will ensure a smooth and timely upgrade.

5. Speed in Performing Work to Reduce Out-of-Service Time

Building owners and managers should also consider design companies’ speed in performing work. Speed and cost are not simply about reducing out-of-service time either. Spending too long adds to installation costs and may cost customers or upset building tenants. 

Typically, elevator cab redesigns will range from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the project’s complexity. It’s essential to work with a company that has experience in elevator cab design and can help you to stay within your budget.

This must include the ceiling and lighting fixtures as well. It’s essential to choose a design that is both attractive and functional. The company you work with should help you select materials and finishes that will complement the look of your building and create a positive experience for your passengers. Furthermore, they should have the resources to work with your team if scheduling additional mechanical work may be necessary, especially if such work comes from a third party. 

Choose an Expert in Elevator Cab Interior Design at The JOBS Group to Streamline Your Redesign Project

The JOBS Group has the experience and capabilities to manage your elevator cab fabrication project from beginning to end. We have a long history of working with all materials, managing total costs, ensuring quality control, and providing timely service. Our team looks forward to partnering with you on your next project. Request a consultation today to get started!